How to Check Omr Answer Sheets Quickly ?

Introduction: How to Check Omr Answer Sheets Quickly ?

Manually OMR Sheet checking is not only complicated but also raises the chances of human error.

So to overcome this problem and get rid from burden of omr sheet checking, you can go for a OMR Software

Thoroughly,  a person will spend about 10-15 minutes for checking a single answer sheet, it means just 6-8 omr sheets per hour.
But believe it or not, an OMR Software can check atleast 50-60 omr sheets per minute.

So you can easily understand, the importance of OMR Software. 

In this tutorial, i will show you, how OMR Software makes omr sheet checking process easy with 100% Accuracy.

Step 1: What Is an OMR Software ?

OMR Software is a software application, that works on integration with an ADF Scanner to read omr  sheets.

OMR Software installs over a computer system and a nontechnical person can easily run it without any kind of training.

Step 2: What Will You Need Additionally With OMR Software ?

To perfectly run an OMR Software, you would need 2-things:

- ADF Scanner
- Computer System

Step 3: What Is an ADF Scanner ?

In ADF Scanner, ADF stands for "Automatic Document Feeder". These scanners are also known as the "OMR Scanners".

These are the regular scanner that you used in daily office routines.

Recommended ADF Scanners, those work compatible with Smart Reader (OMR Software)

- Fujitsu Scanner
- HP Scanner
- Canon Scanner

For more details on ADF scanners, kindly click on above links.

Step 4: How OMR Software Works ?

Once you have installed OMR Software over your PC, you need to connect ADF scanner with your system.

Read all the guidelines for using scanner and software. put omr sheets in scanners and capture their  images. Once you capture images of omr sheets, omr software reads those images and extract out data out of them.

To get the complete tutorial for using Smart Reader....Click here


For more information, visit @

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    Question 10 months ago on Step 4

    sir , how OMR machine takes answer keys that is going to applied on scanned image of OMR answer sheets.
    does answer keys have to be put in the software according to roll number or registration number so that , when the specific roll number will be detected by machine then it will automatically syncronize it with specific answer keys and will show the result.
    or anser keys have to be applied on it after scanning all the asnwer sheets ?