How to Clean a Pocket Knife (Swiss Army Kind)




Introduction: How to Clean a Pocket Knife (Swiss Army Kind)

Step 1: Brushing (Optional)


First, you are going to identify if there is any kind of tough dirtiness or impurity like this one of here...

And then, with a dremel-kind of drill, and a steel brush, you just brush it in mid RPM, (See the photos for the brush and the final result)

After this, (if your knife had these kind of dirtiness), you can see your reflection on it, just look at my cell phone there!

Step 2: Starting the Real Cleaning...

 Once you decided of starting the real cleaning, you are going to need this things...

-Paper towels
-Some oil (I used WD40)

After joining these things, use the toothpicks, for cleaning the smaller spaces of the knife, where the dirtiness goes almost always...

For cleaning those spaces that are too dirty for the  toothpick, take a little piece of the towels, and make a little cylinder with it, then, place it where you want to clean, and, move it with the help of a toothpick.

Step 3: Using the Swabs

Now that you've taken all the dirtness of the more difficult places, you are ready to clean the inner part of your knife.

For this, you are going to take a swab, and rub it in all the inner part, using all the swabs you need, until the cotton part of them goes out white, without any dark dirtiness.

To help you, also, you could use a piece of paper towel in the same way that you did with the toothpick. (see the second photo)

Step 4: Oiling!

If you came up till here, you are almost done.

Now, what you have to do is to put the oil in all the parts of the knife...

My tin of WD40, has its tip broken, so i use it in the way you can see here in the photo...

After you oiled everything, you have to clean all the excess of oil with the towels...

PD: Repeat all the steps that you've done until here with the other part with tools that the knife has (if it has them)

Step 5: Rubbing Some Oil (optional)

I do this everytime i clean my knife but it is optional for you...

Just put some oil in a towel, and then rub the towel on the body of the knife, on the knife itself, and on all the tools it has...

Then take a clean towel and take out the excess (so it will noy be so oily)

This will create a small protection against the rust in your knife...

Step 6: Done!

You are done now!

Now just sharp a bit the blade of the knife and enjoy it!

I hope you liked the instructable!

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    What is the pocketknifes called?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Just boil the knife in water if it's all metal, if there's plastic on then just pop it off boil it and put the plastic caps back on. always works :D