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Introduction: How to Clean Your Grill

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So, spring is in the air. For many people that also means that it is now BBQ/Grilling season (not me, BBQ season opens Jan. 1 and closes on Dec. 31, amirite?).

Regardless, if you neglected to clean your grill before you put it away, here are some handy tips to get her shiny and new in less than an hour!

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools

You will need:

  • Bucket of hot water and regular dish liquid
  • Rags that you do not mind throwing away
  • Grill brush *Pro Tip* - Once you've used your brush to clean your grill, dispose of it and replace with a shiny new one!

Step 2: Remove Your Grill Grates, Propane Tank, Etc

Remove your grates and any other parts that are not bolted to your grill. These can be cleaned separately.

Step 3: Scrape Out the Inside of Your Grill With Your Grill Brush

Use your brush to remove the hardened grease and carbon.

*Pro Tip* - my grill has a large hole in the bottom for grease to collect in a disposable tray. Brush all the carbon and dry grease into this tray and throw away after.

Step 4: Clean the Outside

Close your lid, and with your wash the outside of your grill with your rag.

Wash from the top down.

Step 5: Wash Inside of Grill

Use a lot of soapy water to clean down the inside of the grill. If you have any spots that are stubborn, wet your grill brush and use it to break up the grease and carbon.

The first picture was after about 15 minutes of scrubbing. At that point I got a fresh pail of water and a fresh rag and scrubbed for about 10 more minutes.

Step 6: Clean Your Grill Grates

Place your grates directly inside the pail of water and scrub with the grill brush and rag.

Step 7: Re-assemble Your Grill

Place your grates back in place, as well as any other parts you may have taken off in the beginning. Clean as needed.

Step 8: Fire It Up and Grill

Make sure all connections are correct and light up your grill.

Then grab a cocktail, sit back and cook up something tasty!



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    15 Discussions

    I turn on my Weber for 30 min at max power at the beginning of the season and burn off any left over grease (I am a bit on the lazy side...) and then scrape. I encourage all users to clean the inside of gas-powered BBQ regularly as mine caught fire a few years back and I had to put it off with a fire extinguisher. Scary indeed!

    1 reply

    Yowza, glad to hear that you had a fire extinguisher nearby.

    All the more reason to keep her clean!

    Well if you're that lazy, you could just make one step:

    1. Throw out grill and buy a new one ;)

    Great info, thanks. We have what looks to be the same Weber grill.

    Question for you: are the original grates in these grills plain cast iron? I looked at new replacement "porcelain enameled cast iron" grates and they did not appear any different that the original grates.

    Also, regarding the burner tubes, I use a brass wire brush to clean them, especially over the holes to make sure they are clear. This helps keeping the heating uniform.

    1 reply

    As far as the grates go, they are porcelain enamel coated cast iron. You should be fine with replacing with the Weber brand parts.

    Using the steel brush to clean your burner tube will work just fine.

    Weber Q's are great grills! I've had my 200 series for three years of at least weekly use now. Thanks for the cleaning help!

    1 reply

    I have to agree! I purchased mine last year and it sees regular use! I love my charcoal grills, but I save those for the weekends most weeks.

    hm, here's a suppletion; put the whole grill in a big platic bag (e.g. bin liner) or parts of it in a smaller bag if thats what you have and put a rag soaked in ammonia. Leave it for the night and tomorrow everything will just faal off by itself so to speak. No hassle, just wipe it clean like shown in this awesome 'ible, just easier.

    1 reply

    Potentially dumb question - when cleaning the inside of the grill, how careful do you have to be about getting any liquid inside the burner tubes? I scrape the inside of my grill but I've always been paranoid about using water for that reason.

    1 reply

    Hey Ben - I would err on the side of caution and try not to get any water/soap directly into the burners. If your burners are dirty you can use your grill brush to scrape any excess grease off.

    If you're burners are _really_ clogged up you can use a toothpick to get the grease and dirt out.

    This is great! You should definately enter this into the backyard contest!