How to Clean Your Room (quick and Simple Version)

Crank up fast music, turn on your fan, open your windows, get the cleaning supplies and put on your fave sweats!

Step 1: Bed

Get all the crap out from underneath your bed and leave it on the floor. Strip your bed and wash your sheets, then make it in this order.
1. dust sheet thingy
2. mattress (flip)
3. fitted sheet
4. sheet
5. 2 pillows
6. comferter
7. 2 pillows
8.1 pillow
9 .stuffed animals, dolls ect..
10. decorated blankets

Step 2: Trash

Grab a trash bag and put all the trash in your room into it.

Step 3: Clothes

Put clean clothes away and do a load of dirty ones

Step 4: Other Stuff Otf (on the Floor)

Put all the other stuff on the floor onto your bed

Step 5: Dust, Vaccuum and Sweep

Dust, vacuum and sweep (if nessasary) Then clean all glass and spray a wood duster on wood.

Step 6: Cont. of Step 4

put all the stuff on your bed in the proper place

Step 7: Clean Up the Cleaning Supplies

the title says it all, then you have a clean room :-D



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    2 years ago

    i like it although it could have VIP things such as air freshner/candles/ and organizing your desk/mirror/


    2 years ago

    cool! it's helping me currently

    Sorry didn't have time I did this while cleaning my room and wanted to get to a party, so cleaned and typed quickly. :-P

    We'd like to see your before and after, the pictures are important (on this site) - it'll happen that you'll have to tidy another time.