How to Color in Shii Painter Doodle!




Introduction: How to Color in Shii Painter Doodle!

First things first, I would like to say that this is an instructable for people who already know how to use Shii Painter, the program used on oekaki boards. So if you don't know what I'm talking about, that's okay. I did this on Doodle, but it could easily be done on Pro, too. Doodle is just simpler to take screenshots of, haha. And do ignore the lettering. Anyway...

Welcome to Dragon-chan's Coloring Tutorial! This is the way that I usually like to color, I think it's just a little more fun and interesting than cel shading. I tried to make it as easy as possible so you can use this technique too! This is my character Dawn, don't steal or I'll send my ninjas after you! Enjoy, and I hope you have a good time!

P.S. Even though this isn't the best, please don't flame me :( And now that I notice it, the picture quality really sucks. Sorry about that.

Step 1: Getting Started...

Start with some finished lineart. I know the example there isn't the best, but... bear with me. Make the background color a medium gray so that you can see both light and dark colors while coloring. Have the pen tool selected.

Step 2: Eyes...

Select a very dark shade of the color you wish your eyes to be. In this case, Dawn's eyes will be red-orange. Fill in the eye with that color using the pen tool.

Step 3: Eyes, Cont.

Now, select the dodge tool and use it on the current opacity to make semicircles in the eyes. Refer to the diagram and terrible handwriting for reference. The closer to the bottom of the eye you are, the more you should go over it with dodge.

Step 4: Starting to Color...

Now we will begin coloring. Make some shades of the color you wish to use for the skin. Have about four different tones, with about a difference of 30 in the R,G, and B values. Using the pen tool and the lightest shade, begin to color your drawing. It's okay if you go outside the lines, this can just be erased later in the cleanup step. (I go outside the lines ;)

Step 5: Skin, Cont.

There, we're all finished coloring the skin with that color. Now, right click on the next darkest shade to select it(like an eyedropper tool).

Step 6: Skin, Cont.

Using that second darkest color, roughly celshade the drawing. It doesn't need to be exact because you will be blending it with the water color tool later anyway.

Step 7: Skin, Unsuprisingly, Cont.

Do the same with the other colors, keeping in mind your light source and therefore where the shading would be. Use the darkest shade only for the darkest areas.

Step 8: Skin, STILL

Now, this is where it gets fun. Select the watercolor tool, and lower it's opacity to around 20 or 30. Then, right-click on the second darkest shade again. Moving the brush in circles, blend the color into the lightest color at the edges. See the picture?

Step 9: Skin, Cont.

This is what it looks like after I have finished blending the skin with all the colors. Looks nice, huh?

Step 10: Hair

Use this exact same technique on the hair. Roughly celshade, blend one color at a time with the watercolor...

Step 11: Adding Shine to the Hair

Now, do the same thing, but reversed, for the shine on the hair. Celshade, but this time, getting lighter and lighter, and then blend again with watercolor.

Step 12: Keep Going...

Using what you have learned, shade the clothes and anything else that needs shading accordingly. It gets a little boring, but you're almost done with the character now!

Step 13: Finished Coloring!

Hooray! You've finished coloring your drawing! I think it looks great. The end is in sight, hang in there...

Step 14: Clean Your Drawing Up!

Using the eraser2 or eraserSmooth tool, erase any coloring outside of the lines and touch up any that went over into another color. Your drawing should look much more finished now. Congratulations, you have finished your character!

Step 15: Add the Background And... You're Done!!!

Hooray! After adding a background, stand back and admire your work! I hope you had a good time with this tutorial. I sure had a fun time making it :3

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