How to Complete the WoW "Going Down?" Achievement




Introduction: How to Complete the WoW "Going Down?" Achievement

Veteran World of Warcraft players are well aware that patch 3.0.2 ("Echoes of Doom") brought the Achievements system to the game. One of them is "Going Down?" which requires you to survive a 65-yard fall. What it doesn't tell you is that any damage mitigation spells other than the pally bubble will negate the achievement, so you can do it over and over again and not get the award. For those who have reached Shatrath and have a flying mount (or joined the Scryers), it's fairly easy. Jumping into water doesn't work, either, by the way.

Step 1: Step 1: Go to Shatrath

Seems obvious, but you never know...

Step 2: Go to the Scyrer's Tier

Go to the Scryer's Tier above the Lower City vendors' tent city, and stand on the ledge closest to the vendors. You want to be close to the center of the ledge, where the decorative scrollwork thingy is. The idea is to land about where the "chalk outline" is on the tarp below you. The "chalk outline" does not appear in the game, you'll have to mentally insert it yourself.

Step 3: If It Af First You Don't Succeed...

Try, try again. You can try jumping off the ledge (hit "space" as you run to the edge), or hop on your flying mount, move out over the tarp and up about 1 yard, and /dismount. I got it on my first attempt doing it this way.

Assuming you haven't splattered yourself all over the pavement by now, congratulations!



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    21 Discussions

    hey guys join
    its a good private classic server

    I was looking for items/potions with the slow falling effect on wowhead, and some of the lowest items are level 20 to do this with, if you want to be safe about it... But with some heirlooms you should have this achievement before 20 imo.

    The easiest ways are the accidental ways once i fell off a mountain as a level 11 dwarf hunter and I got it. And another time I fell off a zepplin. I was a level 16 Tauren Pally.

    Another way (if you have a flying mount with cold weather flying) is to go to wyrmrest temple (take the flightpath) and mount up and fly straight up until you reach the ledge right above the flightmaster and then procced to jump. i got Drunken Stupor out of that.

    the easiest way to get it is to just go to the arathi basin bg then go to the lumber mill and jump of the ledge, just make sure you got full health

     I'm a tauren and i got it back on level 16 in thunder bluff. I just jumped from the bridge that connects with elder rise, and voila! :P

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    I just got this on my level 24 mage.. i don't see what the challenge is. I got it at random, when i jumped off a pillar in thousand needles.

    I'm alliance and I got mine in stormwind city. I'm currently out of subscription time and it is a little bit hard to explain text so once I get my subscription time I will just post a video in another comment.

    Well, green slime, apparently, is not water. The Undercity Flightpath entrance opens onto a moat of slime if you jump right. That's how I got it. I came reeeeeally close to dying but I made it and got the achievement. It must be like exactly 65 yards. P.S. I'm a mage, and ice block does work for it :D (look me up, Kraethi on perenolde, horde) P.P.S Contrary to popular belief, if timed right, blink will actually save most of the falling damage.

    i am not sure if any one knows but i got mine (for horde) by jumping off the blimp thing(whatever its called) so when i get from durator to uc(undr city) i jump off before we land sorry if anyone put this already..

    hmm nice, always presumed that you'd be able to fall into water, but i'm a aplly and my bubbles rock ;)

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    I think I tried every possible way before stumbling over someone's instructions for this elsewhere. Even jumped off the bridge in Deadwind Pass, and I'm sure that's well over 65 yards, but it's a water landing.

    doiy ou know if slow fall works? i think levitate works on priests, how abot blinking at the last minuit?

    Slow Fall does not work, nor does Parachute Cloak. Blinking is horizontal, won't help a fall. I am told that a pally bubble does work, but noting I can do as a mage nor an engineer did any good (well, it kept me alive, but without the achievement).

    Pff, that's tough luck, i thought the technique with blink is fall for a long time, alot greater than 65 feet and then blink when your reasonably close to the ground, does it not reset the falling damage? yeah pally bubbles do work, and i think i can /smug about that :P

    Lol, i actually got this achievement in Tempest Keep: The Eye, on the boss fight with Astromancer Solarion you are thrown in the air, and one person is marked as the bomb, if that person is in your group of ranged that you form before the fight, everyone is thrown in the air and dies upon landing, however if they are outside they fly in the air too, there is no slow fall buff, you simply just dont die :) 15 people or so in my guild got this at the same time :p , quite some spam

    Lol, I got this accidentally on my rogue in Nagrand. By pure accident I fell off of one of the Halaa ledges and landed near the water. I survived because of the passive rogue ability Safe Fall, but still took about 7k damage.

    for mages its quite simple you get to use the one of the most overlooked skills in the game ice block, i have confirmed that this does work, much like a pallys bubble would