How to Completely Vistalize Your Computer

Introduction: How to Completely Vistalize Your Computer

This is very cool! The Vistart doesn't work with 2000 or earlier so remember that. I REMIND YOU THAT THERE IS A COPYRIGHT ON ALL OF THE PROGRAMS STARTING WITH VI,SO BEWARE!!! Join my group COMPUTERS!!! When this hits 1000 views i will add some stuff to it.

Step 1: Getting the Stuff

I have all of the programs you need right here. Yay!!! un-zipped files!!!!!!!


Now all that is left is to double click and let the installation wizards.
For the mouse cursors, go to control panel and click on Mouse.Click pointers and click the first which should say normal select. Click Browse. Go to the location of the file and click on the areo-arrow click open. Continue with the rest.





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    20 Discussions

    Downloaded ViStart to make my XP Look like Windows7. But as many times I click on ViStart, it doesn't do a thing for me. Wish there were actual instructions on what to do after extraction of the zip file.

    Hey by the way how do you add the downloads to your instructable? Like how can i add a downloadable folder to my instructable without using hyperlinks?

    Thanks man this is great except do you or anyone know how to get the bottom bar (thats still xp after all the downloading) to turn into the vista taskbar? Also does anyone have download to turn the desktop icons into vista icons? other than this, This instructable is great!

    u u should be more instructions and make one main .zip file....other then that pretty cool....althought the rocket dock isnt very vista...more mac-ish

    4 replies

    rlly?huh...never knew that...i have vista home premium and it doesnt...although i did download rocket dock for my xp machine...pretty cool stuff....

    Mac has an object dock; vista has a sidebar. The sidebar is a spin-off from the object dock. Both very handy, though.

    Even though it is your second you should still put time and effort into your Instructable, use a spell checker and do a project that you really want to share with the whole world. Go in depth, some people might not understand your vague instructions. Good luck Oh, and welcome to Instructables!

    works best if you use all of them together :) I still have to put up how to use the mouse cursors:(

    =D I used the Vista Cursors and the Vista orb. =D

    It's a Information-structable. I'll be using the vista thing.