How to Conduct a What-if Analysis for Different Majors

The what-if analysis tool allows students to chart their academic progress towards any major or minor. This can be very useful for students who are considering switching majors or adding a minor. Students can use this tool to determine what courses they need to graduate with their new intended major/minor. 

*Although other universities have a similar What-If Analysis Tool, the steps listed below are specific to Towson University's software only as different colleges use different softwares.

Step 1:

Go to and login using your TU username and password.

Step 2:

Click on Self Service link

Step 3:

Then click on Student Center to access your Student Center page.

Step 4:

Click on the dropdown menu under Academic Requirements button and select Advising What-If Report.

Step 5:

Click on Create New Report button to create a new report. The reports you create are saved in the system and you can access the previously created reports by clicking on the date the report was created.

* If you're using this feature for the first time,you won't have a saved report.

Step 6: Select Relevant Information From the Dropdown Menus

1.Fill in the  areas circled in red by selecting  relevant options from the dropdown boxes.
For Example: If I wanted to switch to Electronic Business Major, I would select Undergraduate for my Career, Spring 2010 for my catalog year, Bachelor of Science for Academic Program, Electronic Business for Major.  Fill in the dropdown box  based on  what applies to your major.

2.Click on Submit Request button after you fill in the dropdown boxes.

 *Make sure you use the correct catalog year and select a concentration if necessary.

Step 7:

This will bring up your What If Report. Click on Expand All button to see what course you've already taken and what courses you still need to take towards the major you're switching to.

Step 8:

Once you hit Expand All, it shows you all the courses you have satisfied and the courses you have not satisfied.

 If you have already taken a course that is required for your new intended major, it will read- Satisfied: Course X. You will also see a table that has the name and number of units for the course, which semester it was taken and the grade you earned in the course.

*Remember, you need a grade of C or higher in all your major courses.

Step 9:

If you haven't taken a course that satisfies your new intended major requirements it will read-Not Satisfied: Required X Major Courses. You will also see a table with a detailed list of courses you need to take. In case you do end up switching your major, use this list to register for classes and graduate.



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