How to Configure/manage a Switch


Introduction: How to Configure/manage a Switch

How to configure/manage a network switch

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You Will Need:

1 serial cable

1 computer with a serial port

1 network switch

Hyper Terminal software

and a little time.

Step 2: Setting Up the Hardware

On the back or front of your switch there should be a terminal port like this one. Connect the male end of the serial cable to that port. Then with the female end of the cord connect to your computer serial port. Now you are done with the hardware part of it.

Step 3: Software Setup

First you will have to download and install HyperTerminal. Open HyperTerminal and goto file, New Connection, name it whatever you want, select the right com port ( if it doesn't work try another com port), Click OK, click OK again. Now you should have a blank screen with blinking Underscore. Turn on your switch and it will ask for a username and pass you will have to look up the defaults for your switch mine was manager and friend. then type menu if this does not work consult your manual for terminal command line commands. That's about it! hope this helped you to manage your new switch.

Step 4: Enjoy!

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