How to Connect Conductive Thread Ribbon Cable With Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) Connectors





Introduction: How to Connect Conductive Thread Ribbon Cable With Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) Connectors

Conductive thread ribbon cable from R4R, LLC is the perfect material for wiring wearables because it can be attached just like normal fabric ribbons -flexible, sewable and washable.
You can easily use conductive thread ribbon cable by connecting it with FFC connectors.

Step 1: Components & Tools

- conductive thread ribbon cable (can buy from Adafruit / SparkFun / Etsy.


- FFC connectors (0.100’’ pitch, 4pins, male or female)
(can buy from Digi-Key. Part number: 609-2178-ND/ 609-4477-ND/ 609-2160-ND)

- pliers

Step 2: Understanding the Components

Understanding about conductive thread ribbon cable and FFC connector.

Step 3: Preparing Ribbon Cable

Cut the conductive thread ribbon cable into a length you need.

Step 4: Preparing Ribbon Cable

Cut out the four corner ends of the ribbon cable into little rectangle shapes so that it will fit into a FFC connector.

Step 5: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Place one end of the ribbon cable between metal crimping parts of a FFC connector.

Step 6: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Crimp the FFC connector with pliers.

Step 7: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Lock the FFC connector by pressing side edges of the top cover.

Step 8: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Repeat the same to connect the other end of ribbon cable.

Step 9: Finished & Troubleshooting

Enjoy the conductive thread ribbon cable!

     If no current flows through the ribbon cable, check the connectivity of the pins and crimp again.



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    8 Discussions

    Is it washable for this kind of crimp connector? Thanks...

    Nice idea. You might want to include the Digi-Key part number of the connector that you used in this example. There are many styles of FFCs out there....

    5 replies

    Yes it's a really nice idea. About the last picture : step 9, what are the other components use to realize this assembly ? Which kind of material between crimp and battery ?
    Thanks !

    Ah yes, nice ! But it is expensive, isn't it ?
    Can we buy this copper tape on this website ?
    Thanks again & Happy new year !

    Its not that expensive.

    You can buy it on several websites such as sparkfun or adafruit!