How to Connect Multiple Phones to One MagicJack


Introduction: How to Connect Multiple Phones to One MagicJack

This video shows how I connected all the phones in my house to one magicJack.  This works if you are using a type of Internet access that doesn't require a connection to the phone company (such as cable).



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    I thought this would include an additional inline voltage provider as well.
    As sctrivn687 said it doesn't have enough power on its own to power multiple devices, it was designed for only one but may still work.

    Great Instructable! I had hooked my magicjack up just like this and have found it doesn't have as high of a ring output like a regular landline has, so you have to watch your REN's on your phones, they won't ring at all if you have too many. Shutting off the ringers and disconnecting some worked for me. One phone can make a difference of ring or no ring. Just something I thought I would share about what I learned from using magicjack like this.

    I just plugged mine into a jack and it worked. I didn't disconnect from the street.