How to Construct a Maker Space Table...

Introduction: How to Construct a Maker Space Table...

We wanted to make a table for our creative endeavors and rather then go out and buy a table we decided to create our own space for making.

Here's what we used:

1. 8x4 sheet of finished 3/4 inch plywood (we chose pine for cost)
2. Sandpaper, finishing sander.
3. Xacto Knife
4. Painters tape.
5. Spray paint.
6. Power drill, and Jig Saw. (we used Fostner bits for the holes.)
7. Poly Urethane
8. Inexpensive brushes.
9. LED's, EL Wire, Soldering tool, some wire and a coin cell battery.
10. Some scrap solid white plexyglass.
11. Silicon
12. Hot glue gun.

Step 1: Cut Your Plywood to Your Desired Table Size.

We chose to keep the 4ft of width for a larger work area, and trimmed off 24" for the length.

Step 2: Cut Holes for Cords Etc...

We then used our Fostner 1 3/8 bits to cut holes for plugs, and used a jig saw to cut out a trash shoot. We then used a finishing sander with 320 and then 400 grit sandpaper to give us a radius on the edge of the table and rounded smooth edges.

Step 3: Stenciling and Painting.

We then began the process of stenciling images on the table top, we chose the Makey Bot and various other symbols.

Step 4: Next Up Paint...

We then used spray paint for the stenciled images, red, blue, yellow and black.

Step 5: The Extras

We drilled 1 3/8 holes on the top of the table for our white plexyglass pucks which we lit up from underneath with blue LED's, we the used the poly urethane and applied 4 coats to the surface sanding with 400 grit paper in between coats.

Step 6: Wiring the LED's and Adding EL Wire.

We then wired up the LED's under the plexyglass pucks using silicon to help hold them in place and soldering them together. We used a coin style battery holder and a push button switch located on the table top to activate the LED's. We then used approx. 20 feet of EL Wire and hot glued it to underside of the table and wired it to the inverter and a 12 volt AC/DC plug.

Step 7: The Finished Project

After adding the adjustable legs purchased from IKEA and mounting it your done...we hope you enjoy the table.

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