How to Convert 12volt Relay to a Speaker

About: Electrical Engineer
This is a simple way to made a Speaker from 12 volt Relay .
1- 12 Volt relay.
2- Plastic dish.
3- Strong magnet.
4- Audio Amplifier.

Connect The input of Audio Amp. to PC or any media player audio output.
Connect the output of Audio Amplifier to 12 volt relay coil  and fellow the below video.  

Note that the Audio Amp. used TDA1557 Chip shown in attached Data sheet. 




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    No. The author entered this in an electronics tips and tricks contest. This isn't something that would be convenient to someone doing elecronics.

    Well , I respect your opinion but I considered a relay as an electronic parts and I made a tricks to convert it to a speaker , that's why I entered this to this contest.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    would any 12 volt relay work ? and why are the resistors there, wats their purpose used 4?