How to Convert a Crt Tv Wall Mount Into a Movable Flate Screen Wall Mounting Unit

Introduction: How to Convert a Crt Tv Wall Mount Into a Movable Flate Screen Wall Mounting Unit

After converting my rooms from old crt tv's to wall mounted flat screen tv's i was left with some crt tv wall mounts. Gave away most of them but kept one. I wanted to be able to sit comfortably in the living room while taking advantage of my box pc. Most movable wall mounts are too close to the wall and i wanted something that would pull out of the wall at a distance.

S here is what you will need:

* Crt tv movable wall mount
* 1/2'' wood ( i used mdf wood for it's easy sculpting )
* 1" square wood dowel
* wood glue ( keeps everything very solid )
* small screws to fix everything together.
* 4 mounting screws to mount the monitor to the unit.
* 6 screws with bolts and washers to mount the unit to the wall mount.
* Wood filler ( fill all holes and cracks to make it look more professional after paint is done ( filler goes BEFORE paint )
* water-base wood tint ( give's nice color and dries fast )
* Water-base wood varnish ( fast drying and long lasting )

Following the pics you can give yourself an idea of the wood forms you will need to cut.

**Important** Make your mounting holes before assembling. ( For monitor and wall mount )

I built this unit for a 22" monitor. So measurements might not be the same for you.

 *Wood measurements*

* Monitor -------------> 15" x 11" ( The panel must NOT extend past the side vents of the monitor. My monitor is 20" wide and my panel is only 15" wide )
* Wall mount --------> 15" x 12 1/2"
* side triangles -----> 11" x 11 1/2"

***Important side notes***

* Make sure to pre drill your screw holes for assembly. ( 1/2 mdf is great but can expand the wood if not careful. Make holes smaller than screws or there will be no traction. )
* Build everything before sanding and modeling ( excluding touch-up sanding after a cut )
* Make sure your wall mount is securely mounted into a wall stud. You don't want it falling apart when your doing your last touch-ups.
* Add washers to all mounting screws to stop screws head from sinking into the wood.
* Wait 24 hours to sand..model and paint so that the glue can be 100% dry and solid.
* There is no need to put wood filler on the monitor panel seeing it will be hidden by the monitor.
* With my setup i put the unit on an angle (wall mount has ability) so anything i put in back of the monitor (unit storage) it will just slide off. So i took some extra dowel i had and made myself a stopper as seen i one of the final pictures.
* 4 of the bolts where past through the already made holes in the wall mount plate but i had to drill two extra holes in the plate for the other 2 bolts.

Hope you have fun and it will be as useful for you as it is for me :D

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    4 years ago

    Great idea!

    Maybe you'd want to fill the back of the wooden wall mount with a PC? ...or components? :) So that you have a wall mounted PC-in-one? ;)


    Reply 4 years ago

    really smart idea :)