How to Read Books on a Digital Photo Frame




Introduction: How to Read Books on a Digital Photo Frame

How to convert (e-text) book to images and read it on a digital photo-frame

(There are also programs that can do this, more or less successful.)

My photo frame has 7" 234x480 resolution.
It does not read txt or pdf. Here is how to create images from books.

1. convert pdf to text (if necessary)
2. insert it into open office writer/ms word
3. format page
4. export to pdf
5. export pages from pdf to images
6. resize and convert images

 Latest version is on

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Step 1: 1. Convert Pdf to Text, and Reflow Text (if Necessary)

1. convert pdf to text (if necessary)
If your text is in pdf format, here is how to convert pdf to text:
 -export pdt2txt using "somepdf 2 text" converter.

Picture 1:
 1. Open program in "Somepdf 2 text converter.
 2. Click on Play to convert pdf to text.

Reflow text
if your text lines break in the middle of the page use using reflow program.

Picture 2:
 1. Open text in Notepad2, or plain notepad.
 2. Select the shortest line you need to reflow.
 3. You can see at the bottom its length. "Sel" is 9. Or count manually.

Picture 3:
 1. drag and drop file on reflow.
 2. Enter shortest line -1. Here it is: 9 - 1 = 8
 3. Press Go.

If lines in your text are broken, but every paragraph starts with new line, check "Use empty lines as a separator".

Picture 4:
 You can see fixed line.

Step 2: 2. Create the Template

If you downloaded template, you can skip this step.

First set measurement units in Milimeters:

Picture 1:

Picture 2: Writer, General
Measurement unit: Milimeter

Now, to page settings.
Picture 3:

Picture 4:
1. Width: 117mm
2. Height: 240mm
3. Set margins to 5mm

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7:
Set Title

Picture 8:
Edit/Select All

Picture 9:
Set font: Verdana, 15, Align: Justified

Picture 10:

Picture 11:

Picture 12:
Edit/Select All

Picture 13:
Verdana, 11, Italic, Align: Center

Picture 14:
Click on a small arrow to change font color.

Picture 15:
Gray 30%

Picture 16:

Picture 17:
Insert/Fields/Page Number

Picture 18:
Add /

Picture 19:
Insert/Fields/Page Count

Picture 20:
Edit: Select All

Picture 21:
Set font: Verdana, 11, Align: Center

Picture 22:
Click on the arrow to change font color

Picture 23:
Set font color to Gray 30%

Picture 24:
File/Save As

Picture 25:

Picture 26:
Click on Save

You can also delete text, change title, and save file as template.odt.

Note: You can save as Microsoft 97 doc, but header and footer font settings will  not be saved.

Step 3: 3. Format the Page

3. format the page
If you downloaded template, open it in Open Office, paste text into it, and change file/properties.

Picture 1:
Paste text into template.

Picture 2:
Go to File/Properties

Picture 3:
 1. Set Title.
 2. Press OK.

Picture 4:
-To add  space to the first line in of the paragraph

1. Select all text, (ctrl+a), and move "top, inverted triangle" to the right.

Step 4: 4. Export Text to Pdf

4. export text to pdf
in Open Office:

Picture 1:
 -File/Export as PDF

Picture 2:
 -Click on Export.

Step 5: 5. Export Pages From Pdf to Images

5. export pages from pdf to images
Download pdfxviever
Click on "Portable ZIP" and "download now" button, on the right. It will download free version.

Open file in pdfxviever

Picture 1:
-File/export/export to image

Picture 2:
-"Page range": all

Picture 3:
  1."image type": JPEG
  2. Click on "Options":

Picture 4:
 1. "image type": True Color 8bpp
 2."jpeg quality": 90
 3."horizontal/vertical DPI": 300
 Press OK

Picture 5,6,7,8,9

1. Enter "sh-" without quotes, and select "Auto-Number" ,add -, and "Page Number" from macro button.

Picture 10:
 1. export mode: "Save each page to different image file"
 2. resolution: 300 dpi
 3. Click on "Export" button.

Step 6: 6. Resize and Convert Images

6. resize and convert images
Open file in irfanview

Picture 1:
-"File"/"batch conversion/rename"

Picture 2:
 1."add all" files
 2."Use this directory as output"
 3."Output directory": (add "newbook" without quotes to the end of path)
 4."Batch conversion"
 5."Output format": jpg

Picture 3:
 1.Save quality: 90
 2. Press OK

Picture 4:
  1."use advanced options"
  2."set advanced options"

Picture 5:
  "set new size"
  "set both sides to"
  "width": 568

 2."rotate left"
 3. Pres OK.

Picture 5:
-press "start" button to start

Step 7: Copy to Folders

You can use batch file to copy files in group of 50 to directories.
"Copytofolders.bat" is in this zip file:
Copy it to the newbook directory, and start it.
You can edit "Copytofolders.bat" file, and change number of files that will go in each directory, if you want.

 Remember to copy files to SD card/USB stick using free commander or some other utility that copies files starting from file number 1, otherwise device will display files out of order.

Press eject when done working with SDcard, or safe remove USB stick.
Use frame photo frame remote or keys on the device to move to the next page (image).

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    9 years ago on Step 2

    The format fits the original when i open this in a Notepad but when i put it into Writer the lines start breaking. What do i do?