How to Convert Your Strummol 8 Bearing Tip Spin Top Into a Fixed Tip Spin Top


Step 1: Identify the Locking Nut Inside the Top

You will need to unscrew the locking nut inside the top.

Step 2: You Will Need a 7mm Socket Wrench and a Pair of Pliers.

Step 3: Remove the Locking Nut

Lightly grip the top tip with the pliers and unscrew the locking nut.  You don't want to grip the top tip too hard or you could risk damaging the metal.

Step 4: Remove the Axel

Once you have removed the locking nut, the axel should slide right out.

Step 5: Put the Tip Back in Place and Add the Plastic Washer

Put the top tip back in place and using a pair of tweezers put the plastic washer in place around the axel on the inside of the top.

Step 6: Now Add the Metal Washer

Now add the metal washer on top of the plastic washer.

Step 7: Screw the Locking Nut Back in Place

Screw the locking nut back in place.  Once you have screwed it in place the tip will no longer move and the top will behave as a fixed tip top.  How awesome is that?

Step 8: Be Sure to Have Your Handy-work Inspected by a Professional



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