How to Convert Your Pocket Camcorder to Wide Angle

Introduction: How to Convert Your Pocket Camcorder to Wide Angle

This project will take you five minutes to complete. If you have your lenses, and a glue gun already hot, it can be done in under a minute. The equipment is inexpensive and is not destructive to the camera. I take no responsibility for what you do to your camera...

about $30

Why you need to do this:
Pocket camcorders have no protection for their lenses (keeps lens clean), lens adapters allow you to change the focal length of your cameras (film closer to your subjects), and digital zoom is awful.

Reason for project: In 2002 I bought a Canon MiniDV camcorder. It worked well, but it's sound stunk, and it took forever to transfer video to my computer. In November 2009, I bought the Kodak Zx1(HD) to use in my classroom. I've found quite a use for little clips but I've been disappointed in the wide angle capabilities of my camera. I already had the wide angle (0.42x) and zoom (2x) lenses from my old camcorder so I figured I would try to put them together. The result is what you see in the first image. It worked so well my buddy said put it on Instructables. So, here we go...

Step 1: Gather Your Components

Necessary Components:
1. A pocket camcorder
2. A screw type lens adapter/uv protector (make sure their sizes match)
3. A wide angle lens, and or a zoom lens
4. A glue gun (I like hot temp for this)

A quick search on Ebay should yield a combo of all the lenses and adapters you need for close to $30.

**Note that our project is non-destructive to the camera. I pulled the hot glue off mine several times with no damage. However, I do not take any responsibility for damage to your camera.

Step 2: Assembly

Test fit the lens adapter over your camera lens. Once it's aligned apply a bead of glue around the lens adapter edge. DO NOT GET GLUE ON THE LENS OR THE ADAPTER!!!

Press it down to make sure you've got a good seal. Then inspect for hot glue strings. They get everywhere don't they?

Step 3: Adding Lenses

Now that you've added a lens adapter, it's as easy as screwing on the lens you wish to use.

See the images compared on the next page.

Step 4: Image Comparison

In order
1. No lens
2. Wide angle (0.42x)
3. Zoom (2x)

My first attempt at this excluded the lens adapter. I simply hot-glued the lens right to the camera. It worked flawlessly. However, it's impossible to put the camera back in the camera case with a huge wide angle lens attached to

I hope it works for you as well as it worked for me.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

     Excellent idea, and i like the vague comicality of having a lens almost as big as the camera.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    this does work but the zoom affects focus,the battery keeps going flat ,and i tend to misplace the charger, the latest thing has been the sim has expired ,i dont fancy taking it into a phone shop to be unlocked :-S