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About: Hello!I'm a university student in China.I live in the northeast.I found this web site from a recommend of "douban" user,I really like to share some instructables with you,and learn more here!Thank you.^ ^

This is my first instructable,and I'm going to teach you a very easy recipe—— the Chinese steamed egg soup!
Steamed egg soup is a troditional dish of China,especially in north.It's very easy and convenient,and the most important thing is:It's very delicious and nutrious!!When my mom is out of home and can't go back to cook for me when I'm small,I always cook this dish for myself,and never tare of it.Egg can enhance the sense of the lubrication of the skin , as well as the role of aging.And you can put some other vegetables as you like,like carrots,celeries,etc.
So,le's get start!:P

Step 1: How to Cook Chinese Steamed Egg Soup

Needed ingredients:
2 eggs
leeks or chives
Salt, chicken extract, pepper,cooking oil,sesame oil
Parsley,celery or carrots as you like.

Cooking tools:
Food steamer
a big bowl(15cm)

Step 2: Process Ingredients

First,let's clean the vegetables and chop the leek and parsley.If you like celery(or carrot),you can also chop them.It's optional.But leeks or chives are necessarily.
Then Crack the eggs into a bowl,beat the eggs until they are well-mixed.

Step 3: Add Water and Spices

Add chopped leek(chopped celery,chopped carrots)into the egg,and mix it.(Remember first mix the egg and leek,to make them well-mixed.)
Prepare warm boiled water,pour into the bowl in a ratio of nearly 1.5:1(water:egg).Then add salt(The right amount is just like in the picture,I have tasted :D),some pepper,chicken,a little cooking oil and sesame oil.If you like spicy,you can also put some chili oil.(Or if you like any spices,you can add to it,if you are confident about it.)Then mix them up,the right account is like in the last picture.

Tips:You must use warm water,becaust if the water is cold,the egg and water can't mix well;and if the water is so hot,you know it will become Egg Drop Soup.╮(╯_╰)╭So remember this!

Step 4: Steam for 10 Minutes

In the previous steps we have prepared it well.Now we just need to cook it.
Put the bowl into the food steamer,cover a plate onto the bowl,or use the plastic wrap to cover,and poke some holes on it.In this way we can orevent vapor return to the surface of the egg ,causing the bumpy surface,that's not beautiful. Don't forget to put some water in the bottom of the steamer!
When the water boils,put the bowl insde,Reduce the heat,turn to low heat,and steam for about 10 minutes. It's very easy to steam,don't steam for too long!Or it will dry and not tasty.When you shake the pot,or use the spoon to test it,egg mixture has just become solid,then it's just right.

Step 5: Done!Just Eat!

Turn off the heat,and take the bowl out.Look!How tender and smooth it is!I think this time if I can put a little more water,or steam for a shorter time,it will be better.Do you think so?
At last,put the parsley onside it.Then,use your spoon,just have a taste at it!I'm sure you will like it! =)It's very delicious.

Don't you think so?Hey,just have a try!If you successed,don't forget to tell me!:)



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks so healthy and yummy! You should enter it into the weekly challenge,

    Hope your day shines!

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Instructables are addicting! I hope you enjoy it as much as everybody here!

    Wow! Very cool Instructable, you did a good job of explaining everything. Thanks for the instructable I'll definitely have to try this soon! ^^

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