How to Cook an Egg With a 3D Printer


Introduction: How to Cook an Egg With a 3D Printer

How can you cook a egg when your cooking stove is broken or when you get bored?

Simple! Use your 3D printer!

Preheat your heat bed at 110°C or more, place a stove on top, Wait a few minutes for your frying pan to get hot. at 100°C (i had to wait 10-15 minutes untill it gets to 100°C). The Heatbed was at 110°C in 3 minutes.

You might loose a few °C between the heatbed temperature and the stove itself (i have a 10°C difference).

Then break your egg and enjoy!

(video made with a Scalar XL 3D printer with it's 700W heatbed see kickstarter here: Scalar M/XL Kickstarter)




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    Poor printer... It had high hopes for its life but now he's just a stove and preparing breakfast instead of printing cool parts it always dreamed of.

    Story of our life or what!

    yeah this sounds like challenging ^^

    Ha! That's a pretty pricey portable stove, but still . . . I got a kick out of this. Thanks!

    1 reply

    I'm glad you like it ;)

    Maybe next time we will fry something else ;)