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Hi all,

40 days after Christmas, the "Chandeleur" is a popular french celebration. During this day, we usually cook these typical pancakes, or "crêpes" in french.

In fact, I usually prepare them often, but as we are in February, it's time to make them.

I'll show you how to prepare the dough and how to bake them. I tried this time a new recipe, given in my local newspaper.

Step 1: Ingredients

This basic dough is very simple and easy to prepare. For a nice batch of "crêpes", you will need :

  • 250 gr of flour,
  • 50 gr of sugar,
  • 1/2 liter of half-skimmed milk,
  • 25 gr of butter

If you need more dough, I recommend you to do this recipe two times, instead of doubling every ingredients.

Step 2: Let's Start

In a big bowl, put 250 gr of flour and 50 gr of sugar. Mix.

Step 3: The Eggs

In an other small bowl, break an egg, mix it with a fork.

Add it to the main bowl, and mix.

Do the same for the three other eggs.

Once done, mix everything, you should get a smooth result.

Step 4: The Milk

Gently add the milk (1/2 liter, gradually) in the preparation, and mix. The final dough is very liquid !

Step 5: The Butter

Finally, put 25 gr of butter in a small bowl. put in in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Once done, mix it, then add it into the dough. Mix everything. Here you are, the dough is ready !

If you have lumps in the dough, use an electric mixer to remove them.

Let the dough rest for a couple of hours.

Step 6: Baking !!

Ok, this is the machine I use to bake the "crêpes" It's an electric hotplate, it can bake 6 "crêpes" in the same time. Perfect for family lunches : everybody can create its own recipe. Kids should not use them alone of course.

Use a dipper to put about one tablespoon of dough into each cooking circle. You don't have to put a big amount of dough.

After 2 or 3 minutes, use a spatula to flip the "crêpe". Once flipped, you can put everything you want : you can create sweet and savory recipes.

If you don't have this machine, don't worry : you can also use a frying pan. Just put some butter in the pan, use a dipper to put a thin layer of dough. Just rotate the pan to spill the dough everywhere on the pan. Once cooked, use a spatula to flip the "crêpe". You can also flip the "crêpe" with a small movement of the wrist, I think I'll explain this in an other Instructable... !

Step 7: Some Recipes

Ok, here are some ideas to create your own recipes. Just be creative... open your fridge, and try to use your favorite ingredients.

I like:

  • cheese
  • sugar and lemon juice (very tasty)
  • ham and cheese
  • bacon and cheese
  • homemade jam (strawberries today)
  • chocolate spread (with coconut powder...yum !!)
  • maple syrup
  • "chantilly" with chocolate powder
  • smoked salmon, apple compote and cheese (thanks for the canteen)
  • ...

Just put the ingredients on the "crêpe" and roll/fold it. Just leave the "crêpe" on the hotplate if you need to melt cheese.

Tip : if you don't eat all of them, you can store them in the fridge, and eat them cold. Just cover them with a sheet of aluminum.

"Crêpes" are perfect for great lunches, in family or with friends...!

Any recipes that you love ? Just share them in the comments !

Thanks for reading !!



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    4 years ago

    Delicious! With lemon juice and sugar is my favorite.