How to Cook in a Stainless Steel Pan*



*without having your food stick to your pan!
This is my aluminum pan, and it works in much the same way.

When students read, and follow, the instructable, they will be able to cook in a stainless steel pan without having their food stick to it.

Step 1: Get All of Your Ingredients and Supplies Together

1) Glass, or bowl, of water
2) Measuring spoons, including 1 tsp
3) Food item you’re going to cook/fry
4) Paper towel
5) 2 T oil in a small bowl

Step 2: Preheat Your Pan

Preheat your pan over medium-high heat

Step 3: Test Your Pan

After about 30 seconds, test by putting 1tsp water in your pan.

It is ready when the water beads-up into mostly one big bead as it boils away.

There can be a few littler beads, but not many.

If it breaks down into many beads, it is too hot. Take the pan off of the heat, wait 30 seconds, and try again.

Keep testing until the water beads up like mercury as it boils away.

Wipe up the water with your paper towel each time.

Step 4: Leggy Oil Is Ready Oil

Pour in your oil.

Let it heat up.

It will be ready within 30 seconds.

You will know it is ready when it is leggy.

Step 5: €¦a Whiff of Smoke Is OK

More than just a tiny bit of smoke is too much!

If this happens:
-take your pan off of the heat, letting it cool for a few minutes
-wipe oil out of the pan
-start over

Step 6: Cook Your Food

Put your food item into the pan, and turn the heat down to medium.

Step 7: Shake It!

After about 30 seconds, shake the pan to loosen the food you are cooking.

Put a lid on the pan, and leave it. I left these little nuggets in for a little over 2 minutes. Time will vary depending upon the thickness.

Step 8: Caution!

DON’T leave your food! Unattended cooking is a major cause of fires :(

Step 9: Check for Doneness.

Flip it when it is cooked a little more than ½ way through
Cook for a few more minutes.



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