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About: Hello!I'm a university student in China.I live in the northeast.I found this web site from a recommend of "douban" user,I really like to share some instructables with you,and learn more here!Thank you.^ ^

Hello!This is my second instructable,and I will teach you another easy Chinese recipe——Braised pepper!
Braise pepper is also a very easy recipe,but don't underestimate it , it is very tasty and appetizing!Someone who likes eating spicy food will find it so nice to eat!Even if your tongue is so hot that can not bear,you still can't stop eating it!XD
Braised pepper in my hometown,in the northeast of China,is called "Amber pepper".This name is very vividly,because the fried pepper looks like amber very much.And it is a very delicious dish that its spicy can open your appitate.
pepper is a homemade dish. Peppersarerich in vitaminC, they can protect your heart from heart attack and coronary artery disease,lower cholesterol;and can also contain moreantioxidants that canprevent from cancerand otherchronicdiseases,.so this dish is very popular and nutritious.

Now let's have a look at the done dish,do you want to have a taste of it?
So let's start!

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

Needed ingredients:
8-10 peppers(Green pepper or red pepper are both ok , but medium spicy is better)
Soybean sauce,salt,MSG(optional),water,cooking oil

Cooking tools:
A frying pan with a Turner
A plate

   First,clean the peppers and cut off the stalk.Use clean towel to wipe the water on the surface of peppers, to keep the surface dry.

Tips:Remember you must clean up the mild water on the pepper!Because we will then put them in the boiling oil and fry them, if there is even a little bit water, hot oil will splash around, it's very dangerous!So please keep them dry!If you are the first time to fry,you'd better wear gloves or long sleeves,to make you safe.:)

Step 2: Start to Cook!

    Now we have prepared the ingredients.Then we will start to cook the peppers.Put the saucepan on the stove, turn on the heat.Put moderate oil into the pan,wait for seconds until the oil are 80 percent hot.(Picture 2)
    Then turn down the heat,put peppers slowly in the pan,and make them heat evenly.After all the peppers are appropriately placed,cover the pan with the lid,fry them for a short time,about 2 minutes.
Tips:At this step,as the oil is too hot,there will be some oil spots keep spilling out.Take care of yourself and don't worry,put the lid on.:P )

Step 3: Continue to Cook……

  1. After about two minutes,one side of the peppers has already well-fried.Open the lid,use the turner to turn all the peppers to the other side,put on the lid and wait another 2 minutes,to make the other side well done,too.
  2. When another 2 minutes has past,open the lid,we will start to put sauces in the pan.Put the right amount of salt(Maybe more than half a teaspoon,I forgot XD,you can test it) and soybean sauce(about 20ml).Put a little extra water into the pan,and turn the peppers for several times,to make the sauses well mixed.
  3. Turn up the heat and put on the lid again,When the juice boils,turn down to low heat,heat gently until the juice was absorbed.
  4. Put some MSG in the pan.(optional)
  5. Now we have finished all the cooking steps!Let's put them on the plate and get ready to eat!:D

Step 4: Finished!Eat!^ ^

Put the dish out on the plate,and now we can start eating!Look at the finished plate,do you fell like  to bite a pepper?=)To tell the truth,this dish is a perfect match to rice and porriage!The tempting smell can spread for several meters!The spicy peppers can also open your appetite for other dishes!
So if you have enough time and enthusiasm,especially you are a spicy loves,try to cook a"Braised pepper"dish!I'm waiting for the news of your success!  \(^o^)/

author:yuhuaabc  cook:my mum:)



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks very similar to something we used to eat when we were in China. The restaurant we used to go to called it 'hupi qingjiao', or 'tiger-skin peppers'. I think they put black beans with it as well.

    We used to order two plates of this, because we were always fighting over the last one!

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yes,that is it!! :DThere are many sayings of this dish,"tiger-skin peppers"are usually called in restaurants,I'm glad that you like the dish!You can learn it and cook for yourself!:D