How to Cook With a Fan Oven (aka Convection Oven Aka Turbo Oven)




Baffled by your new oven?

Help is at hand.

Step 1: Preheat the Oven?

Unlike an ordinary oven, your fan oven does not always need preheating. If you preheat, you risk overcooking.

DO NOT preheat for any meat or poultry.

DO NOT preheat for cakes or pastry.

DO preheat for bread, scones and Yorkshire puddings.

Step 2: Cut the Temperature

Your fan oven will cook at a slightly lower temperature. Cook meat at 160 degrees C; do the same for or poultry, unless it's a large bird over 8lb, in which case reduce to 150 degrees C.

Step 3: Cut the Time

Meat should be cooked for 25 minutes, plus 25-30 minutes per lb (except beef: 20 mins + 20-25 mins per lb).

Poultry needs 20 mins + 18-20 mins per lb, unless it's a bird over 8lb, in which case give it 20 mins + 13-15 mins per lb at the lower temp of 150 degrees C.

Step 4: Download a Pdf Cooking Chart




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