How to Copy at an Exam With a Bottle of Coke ?

Introduction: How to Copy at an Exam With a Bottle of Coke ?

In case of lack of inspiration at an exam :
1 - Cut your bottle of coke paperroll
2 - Scan it
3 - On Photoshop, erase all the inscriptions and replace them by your proper text
4 - Stick the paper back on the bottle



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    I think title should be changed to "How to cheat at an exam with a bottle of coke"...

    It is an excellent idea. Well done. I highly recommend checking out a copy of The Cheater's Bible.

    Wouldn't just be easier to study? Been a while, but can't remember any classes that allowed refreshments in class. If you do get caught, usually an instant fail, at the very least...

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    You can only take clear bottles of water into examinations anyway, no cans, not bottles with labels, no sweets with wrappers, only clear pencil cases.... thought people would be cleverer than this wouldn't you :P

    ive never heard of the "clear bottle" rule or the no sweets with wrappers rule either..