How to Copy the UMD Game to the Memory Stick


Introduction: How to Copy the UMD Game to the Memory Stick

In this instructable you will learn how to copy the game inside the UMD and put it in your memory stick in the PSP system

Unfortunately you can only do that with a custom firmware [cfw]

Step 1: First Stuff

1:Turn your PSP completely off and turn it on again while holding the R button,this will take you to the RECOVERY MODE

2:In the recovery mode,go to CONFIGURATION

3:Then go down to XMB USB DEVICES and click on it until it says UMD DISK

NOTE: In this custom firmware the highlighted words are in RED[in picture] but in some other custom firmwares they might be GREEN or BLUE[these are the colours i saw] so dont worry if the colour isn't as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Little Harder

4:Also in configuration go to UMD MODE and click on it until it says SONY NP9660 -NO UMD-

5: then go back from configuration and EXIT recovery mode and the PSP will start automatically

6:Now insert your UMD that you want to copy to your memory stick in the PSP

Step 3: Little More Harder

7: Now after you inserted the UMD inside the PSP go to USB MODE, it is under settings

8: go to MY COMPUTER [from the PC] and look at you PSP drive,you will notice that it is just some letters and numbers but thats good cause this means that you did the previous steps correctly and the drive is the UMD itself not the memory stick

9: Open that drive and you will see an ISO file,if you have winrar installed it may be a .RAR file,this ISO file or RAR file is the game in the UMD

Step 4: Harder

10: Take that ISO file or RAR file and copy it to your desktop or any other place and make sure that you COPY the file not CUT it


11: Turn your PSP completely off and take out your UMD

12: Turn it on again and go to recovery mode [by holding R]

Step 5: Herdier

13:  Go back to configuration

14: Go down to XMB USB DEVICES and turn it back to MEMORY STICK

15: Go back and exit recovery mode

Step 6: Easy

16: Now re-enter USB MODE and the memory will open up normally now

17:  Now go to the UMD game that you copied and put it inside your memory stick

18:  Exit USB MODE and go to games from the PSP and you will see the UMD game inside your memory stick....Now you can play your UMD game from your memory stick

NOTE: If the UMD itself doesnt work in the psp then copying it to the memory stick will NOT make it work either

now here is a very good thing for you readers if you dont want to copy the UMD to the memory then go to this web site and download the game just like your UMD and put it in your memory...this site has ALOT OF FREE PSP GAMES,MOVIES  AND EVEN PS3 GAMES




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    16 Discussions

    EXCELLENT!! I just did this like a boss! I copied 10 games I got from my friends and gave it back to them in just one day. Thank you very much Mohammad Jamal!!

    PSP does not appear in Explorer when I use CFW. Only when I am using normal firmware it shows up?. Please help!

    this is great tutorial, but you don't have to boot up and down to do this, just hit select and use the vsh menu, when your in the xmb, otherwise 4.5 stars!

    1 reply

    can u email me the steps with using the vsh menu? thnx alot
    and if u dont its fine as well,ill do it his way but if can be easier id prefer it.
    thnx again +psp pwns humanity!

    With a small amount of reverse engineering, you could also use an old game, delete the .iso and put an Internet-downloaded one in its place, thus rendering it a new game.

    so cool tutorial,thanks for share it.