How to Create a 3D Printed Voronoi Spiral Centerpiece / Vase




Introduction: How to Create a 3D Printed Voronoi Spiral Centerpiece / Vase

These are the steps I took to creating my 3D Printed Voronoi Spiral Centerpiece / Vase

This Spiral Centerpiece is perfect as a conversation piece at a wedding or other special events!

Step 1: AutoCAD

The first step I took to creating my centerpiece was I came up with a Voronoi pattern that was drawn digitally using AutoCAD. I made a rectangle and a square as my two outlining shapes because I wanted to start as a rectangular box and these would be each of the faces. After drawing up the design in autocad, the next step is to export as a DWG file to be able to import into Rhino.

Step 2: Rhino Import

The next step is to import the DWG file into Rhino and extrude the lines to make thickness for the face of your side. When I did this, I highlighted all of the 2D lines at the same time and extruded them together to make a uniform thickness. Then you rotate the faces and create the rectangular box and Boolean union the faces together to create a uniform object.

Step 3: Twist

The next step is to twist the box to create the spiral. After the twist is to the right spot, you can stretch the spiral vertically to create more of an elongated geometric shape.

Step 4: Taper

After the spiral has been twisted and stretched vertically, the next step is to taper the spiral to give the object some curves in it to give depth towards the base.

Step 5: Export

After the spiral is to the desired specifications, the next step is to export the spiral as an STL file type to be able to be 3D Printed.

Step 6: 3D Print!

The next step is to 3D Print the spiral.

The file for the print can be found on my thingiverse page at

The spiral took about 8 and a half hours total to print.

If you don't own your own 3D Printer, I will gladly be able to print for you, just check out my 3D Hubs Page for details!

Step 7: Flip!

After the spiral is 3D printed, all you have to do is flip the spiral over and place a tea light underneath to light it up!

They sell tea lights at the dollar store for very cheap so they're quite inexpensive.

Step 8: Finished!

Just turn off the lights and enjoy your 3D Printed Voronoi Spiral Centerpiece / Vase!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    This is a very beautiful piece, well done. can I ask how you created the Voronoi pattern in AutoCAD. I am trying to create a similar pattern but for a much different purpose. However I don't want to manually draw each of the polygons individually (I have upwards of 500 points which I am using for my tessellation pattern. Is there an autolisp program to create this pattern. Thanks and once again well done!


    Reply 4 years ago

    How I made the voronoi pattern was I actually used a voronoi generator I found online at

    then I took a screenshot of the image and went into illustrator and used the command image trace on the jpg to convert to DWG. Then in AutoCAD I cleaned up the lines from illustrator. I feel like there would probably be an easier way to generate the voronoi pattern through using the plugin grasshopper for rhino but at the time I had never used grasshopper before so that's why I had such a funky workflow haha hopefully that sort of answers your question. -Andrew


    have you tried out shapeshifter from autodesk?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I have not tried shapeshifter yet. What does the program do?