How to Create a Cool Boys Bedroom That Any Age Will Love.

Introduction: How to Create a Cool Boys Bedroom That Any Age Will Love.

About: my Inscrutables mission is to show that us "single Mum's" can do anything, and on a budget ! Follow my project's, or just ask questions on; how to"get the best but cheapest way to do home DIY or to desig...

Here is my son's  bedroom I just finished decorating.

With a little imagination and trying out a few projects from “Instructables" I think it turned out quite well. My little boy thinks I’m the best mammy in the world for it.

I done two feature walls: "The car theme" and " Night sky mural" then added accessories or customised items and furniture in the room. My project has many different designs and crafts witch I will explain more as we go on.

You will also see how my first attempt at an “Instructables” project and see how it turned out ... looking forward to see everyone's feedback on that.

I think my Instructables project proves that you would be surprised at what you can do when you try!

I am not qualified and have no previous training in any of the crafts in this project. I just love a challenge and have a grate imagination for things, and of course "Research"! If you do your research and can follow instructions well then nothing is impossible even for a complete novice like me.

So please feel free to comment, chat, ask any questions or give suggestions as I would appreciate your feedback.

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Step 1: Car Theme Wall

For the wall with the car theme.
  • I first bought the large car image from eBay, its a vinyl decal sticker and the size of the sticker set is 1300MM X 730MM, this also has glow in the dark head lights:

please see instructions provided with your pre-ordered wall art sticker for full details on how to attach to wall.

when ordering this item make sure you have chosen the paint colour that you want for your wall, as they incorporate the closest colour match for effects.

  • The customised  car badges is where you get creative.I went and asked a local scrap car dealer for the old car grill badges, they usually wont let you get them off the cars yourself for health and safety reasons, so I paid  £5  for 15 different makes.

Step 2: Customising Your Car Badges

I customised my badges with glitter and sequins that i found in my sons art boxes. see picture for the tools i used.  :-
  1. first I cut out some craft card for each badge, making sure its slightly bigger than the badge.
  2. using the hot glue gun to glue badge to card.
  3. brush PVA glue on the card around the badge.
  4. sprinkled the glitter all over,wait until its all dried to clean and excess off.
  5. then add the sequins
Be sure to leave these dry over night  before  placing them on the  wall.
Use hot clue gun to stick on wall.

my reason for using hot glue in places is because  its a stronger bond for the heavy badges also it is quick drying almost instant, which is useful when sticking to wall.

Important Safety tips !!!!
When using glue gun it is imperative that you protect your hands at all times. Wear leather or heat resistant gloves when handling the glue gun. Guns can generate heat temperatures of over 93.3 degrees Celcius so users are at an increased risk of receiving burns to the hands and fingers. Safety glasses should be worn at all times when using a glue gun. Hot glue has been known to splatter so protecting the eyes is essential. Unprotected eyes can receive extreme burns and other serious injuries due to the hot glue.

Step 3: Night Sky Themed Wall "The Instructable Project I Followed" !!

This design or wall mural was not initially planned.
I discovered a problem with this wall in the room while trying to paint a one-colour emulsion, but no matter how many coats I applied, the paint would not take well and was very patchy.

A solution to this was to turn a disaster into a feature and that is when an Instructables member “TheStott” solved my problem.

For instructions on how to do these kinds of designs please see his page at:

I have never done anything like this before so would love to hear your comments on my first attempt, Whether it’s good bad or ugly ….. All feedback is good.

Hint & Tip’s:

Please note that  the technique for the moon and planets are done using spray pain and no matter how well covered and protected items near the area  are, you will need to cover everything in the room and make sure it’s well ventilated before you start.
You will not see the very fine mist travelling through the air
from spraying, this travels through to other rooms, so even though you need ventilation, a breeze will carry the mist throughout.

I have a couple more things I want to add to the wall, one of which will be another first time Instructables Project

·I am awaiting a delivery for the clear glow in the dark paint, this ill use to highlight areas for a better effect at night.

·I want to add LED UV lighting, but not sure what area of the wall yet and still researching more about it.

This is where the LED Pro’s can help me out here with suggestions and advice.

I have already bought the Led lights from eBay. They are the 3528-60LED-5 metre flexible strip.

On researching the power source needed for this, I have learned that a Laptop charger is ideal for this as for the transformer; this will involve doing some minor adjustment to the cable for a suitable connection.

Will look forward to hearing from everyone.

Step 4: Extra Special Touches for His "Cabin Bed"

I had plenty of draw space in my sons room but in need of wardrobe space.

I converted the draws from his cabin bed in to a mini wardrobe.
  • I removed the draws and detached the draw rails from the bed.
  • I then added a centre pole for hanging clothes.
  • Attached a net curtain extendible pole to hang curtain at front..             
making the curtain
  • Cut 2 High"Viz" vests.

    After measuring area needing to be covered, I then cut out a peace from each vest.
    Each peace would then be attached and will make the overall measure needed.
    (see picture for this step for better understanding)
be sure when cutting to allow a little extra than measurements to tidy the edges at a later stage.
!!  Don't worry if you cant sew ... wonder web to the rescue  !!
WonderWeb is a quick, easy and cost effective alternative to having alterations made on trousers.

Being a tall person with a slim waist I often have a hard time finding trousers that fit properly. With clothing becoming so disposable it is getting increasingly more difficult to find places to get alterations made.

If your sewing skills are like mine you will not want to be ruining brand new trousers with your handy work.

  1. WonderWeb is widely available, cheap and all you need to apply it is an iron. Just cut off a roll of the
  2. WonderWeb, wrap it round the hem and fold it up.
  3. Lay the trousers on an ironing board under something like a tea towel and start ironing trouser legs.  The towel will stop the WonderWeb from burning so it reusable.
  4. Repeat again for the other leg and your trousers are done!
  5. Be sure to let the WonderWeb fully cool down or it will not set and stick properly.
If you want to alter the trousers then heat up the WonderWeb with the iron and pull it apart. If you are fast enough you will be able to redo them. Not only is it good for trousers, it is perfect hemming up old trousers and recycling them in to new shorts.

Here is a link where to buy or to use as a  guide for price and product.
Please feel free to ask any questions or add comments.

Step 5:

Bought a Beach tent from Amazon:

added to the bed makes kids feel like they're camping ...

i have sewn christmas lights on to  the tent for night time effect.

Step 6: The Extra Touch Here & There !!

For these little extras please brows through the pictures in this stage, then point and click on item "Tab" in the picture for details.

To finish it all off I covered the ceiling with glow in dark stars, but like i said earlier, i have a few more things to add yet.

But i would love to hear some ideas from you to make this room ......?????

A truly unique and colourful ….."Coolest Boy's Bedroom" !! ??


I would like to add that i am a new "Instructables" member, and this is my first attempt at publishing a step by step guide on one of my DIY projects.

I hope all my ideas and designs, techniques and task are of some use to someone somewhere.

let me know ye ???

!! but please not I am not qualified or have no previous training in any of the steps in this projects.!!

!! I have researched the health and safety facts, that information i have added in certain areas is correctly advised.!!

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