How to Create a Favor Box

Introduction: How to Create a Favor Box

This is a simple tutorial to create sweet favor boxes for just about any occasion. It could be perfectly tailored for a baby shower, birthday parties, or weddings.

You need:
- a printer
- a printable template for the favor box
- letter tick paper to print the top favor box
- simple thick paper on any color you like
- scissors
- glue stick
- a scoring tool (optional)

Step 1: Print the Favor Box Printable

Print your top favor box.

Step 2: Preparing the Box Flaps

Cut on the straight lines and fold on the dotted lines as shown.

Step 3: The Flaps

The little top favor box is already done.

Step 4: The Bottom Favor Box

Here the bottom favor box (6x6 in) is folded at each 2 inches and cut like shown.

Step 5: Glue

Glue the extra flaps.

Step 6: Cute Favor Boxes

Here you can see how are all come together.

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