How to Create a Fishtail Braid

The process of a fishtail is very easy to create. It also doesn't take much time, so if easy ad quick hair styles are what you like then this is for you. Who doesn't love easy quick styles. I like this because sometimes I am too lazy to actually do my hair.

Supplies you'll need:

-a hair tie

-a hair brush

-bobby pins( optional, but if you will use bobby pins to hold some of the hair flying in different directions, then get bobby pins that are your hair color so it won't be shown in your hair.)

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Step 1: Brush Out Your Hair

Brush out your hair to get rid of any knots in your hair you have.

Step 2: Separate Your Hair

Separate your hair into two equal sections. This is where you braid will start.

Step 3: Place Over a Piece of Hair

When you place over a piece of hair it may look weird, but this is how your braid will be created.

Tip: no matter which section of hair you started with it won't matter. Also when you grab your piece of hair grab it from the side you started with. So if you want to start from the right side, then you grab your piece of hair from the right side.

Then with that piece of hair cross it over to the other section of hair and hold it there as a piece of the other section. So if you crossed your hair from the left, it's a new piece of hair for the right side.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3

As you continue to repeat step 3, don't forget to switch sides. For example, if you started on the right side, the your next side where you cross a piece of hair from is from the left side. This will slowly create the fishtail look.

Tip: Try to create to braid tight. So as you braid your hair, braid to close together or firmly so when you are finished it looks very clean and very pretty.

Step 5: Fasten Your Fishtail

When you finish fishtail, all you need to do left is fasten your fishtail with a hair tie and you are done.

Thanks for trying this out yourself. I hope that your fishtail braid comes out beautifully and I hope you like it. Thanks for taking some of your time to read this to create a fishtail braid.

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