How to Create a Funny Comic.....

The first thing you need is inspiration (which you'll most probably get by having a look of the prizes!!!)

Next, think of what type of comics you will make (love, war)

If you're using a computer, like me, then use a basic program like Paint.

Create a main character for your comic.

Then, think of your comic story.

Create your first scene.

Create your second scene, followed by the third and fourth scenes (you may also add other scenes but I have made only three-four).

Present your comic.

(1) You should keep your comic brief because the readers get bored by long comics. 
(2) You should keep in mind that your comic is funny, so that the readers don't get bored.
(3) You should also take a look at other comics to have a basic idea of what a comic really-looks-like.

P.S. My comics below are not made by using the original 'classic' format, they are snapshots from movie scenes, along with some catchy dialogues. But the last one is made using the 'classic format'.

Here are some of my best comics I also uploaded on other websites.

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