How to Create a Paracord Watch Band




Introduction: How to Create a Paracord Watch Band

Hi everybody, here Makos84 and i'll show you how to create a paracord watch band.

When my old watch band was gone, i desire to have something different, and so i decide to create it by my own , with a new style, but in paracord!

It's very confortable to use, especially for the fact that you can easly dissamble from the watch, and put it on to another watch. Even you can wash it ;) !!!

So let's procede !!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Paracord 550 , dark grey
  • Paracord 550 , desert camo


  • Scissors
  • Buckle
  • Pliers
  • Lighter

Step 2: Cow Hitch Knot With Buckle

So let's start to take the buckle, and insert the cord that we prefer. I want to specify that the knot that we make is the Mated Snake Knot ( in the next step i'll put the link to watch it) .

Before tie completely, we must to insert the second cord in the knot that we made, till we reach the middle of the cord, and then we can hold tight.

Step 3: The Mated Snake Knot

Let we start with the most important phase of the creation. The Mated Snake Knot.

At first, we take the external cord, in the right side, and make a loop to the near cord, but not tie completely.

Then we take the grey cord, and insert it in the desert cord loop, making at first a loop around the desert cord.

Now we pass to the left side, and we take the external left desert cord, and insert in to the right desert cord loop, but not tie completely.

Next step , we need to do the same thing that we do to the right side: so we take the grey cord on the left, make a loop around the desert left cord, and put it in the desert left loop, and at the end we tie , till we formed a knot.

Here the link of the video for making the Mated Snake Knot.

Step 4: Tying and Blocking of the Watch

So here we are, now we need to tie and tie, till we reach the desire length for the middle , where we can put the watch and it stand perfectly in the middle of our wrist. So we need sometimes to stop tying and check if the length is right for us.

So when we arrived to the desired length, we put the watch on top of the cord, turn it to the back side and put the sticks to block it.

This operation can be just a little bother, because the sticks are very little so take patience and make it ;).

Step 5: Second Part of the Band

Now, we need to restart the knot and we need to reach our desired length.

Step 6: Reach Desired Length and Closing Knot

That is an important step before snip and singe the cord.

So at first we insert the other part of the buckle in the two grey cords in the middle.

Before make the closing knot we need pliers to pull the cord, where we insert the grey one. Pay attention to this because is important then to tying very well ,for prevent that the cord goig out, and unknot all, so be patience in this phase ;).

After that, we pull the grey cord with the pliers and tie it very much but not completely, because we need to make the last knot the closing knot.

Here, at the end of thi video, min. 6:44, there's the closing knot that we need to do.

Step 7: Snip & Singe and We Made It ;)

Before that we need to tie everything very tight. so let's take a few second to tie and then we can pass to snip the excess cord with the cutter.

Don't cut to much but leave about 5 - 6 mm, because then we need to singe all the excess cords with the lighter.

Let's try to do a very clean job, without imperfection, and now we MADE IT !!!

We made a very cool and fashion watch band with not very much tools.

Make it with patience and make it good. I hope you enjoy it. PEACE ;)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is tight. I'm going to make one for my broken watch. Thx.


    5 years ago

    great job buddy, super thinking and the instructible is damn good. superlike.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I've been messing with para cord and have 2 e books. These instructions and and pictorial steps are first class. My book maker could take a lesson! Thanks for a different band, JS


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yeeeah it's very easy to do and you can make it with most of the knots :D


    5 years ago

    Awesome instructible! I'm doing this to an old watch I have.