How to Create a Severed/moving Finger.

In this instructable i will be showing you how to
create the effect of a severed finger in a box.

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Step 1: Items.

below are the items needed.
-fake blood
-about 3 cotton pads/or balls
-a smallish box(i chose a playing card box/all i had)

(dont worry about the hole in the box at the moment)

Step 2: Cotton. (The Filler)

Take the pads or balls of cotten, and rip them up into small fluff.
Just put them aside once you have done that.

Step 3: Cut the Box

Get your box
and if its like my box, cut along the top edge(like the picture)
and dont cut the end edge,(as in last step)
like a hinged door.

after doing this, cut a hole the size of your finger in the bottom of the box on the bottom side.(second pic.)

Step 4: The Filling.

For this step, you will need to open the box and take your cotton, and stuff the box, filling it, (try not to cover the hole to much)
and as in the pic add your blood around where the base of your knuckle will go.

Step 5: The FINGER!

this is the last and easiest step, just put your finger through the hole, add a little more blood to your knuckle and away you go.
(check out last pic.)

and thats it, now go out and freak your friends out.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is my second instructable hope you like it :D