How to Create a Simple Light Box

Introduction: How to Create a Simple Light Box

I wanted to create a light-box but all I found on the internet was complicated structures. To do those you needed windows and elements that are not easy to find. In this  

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Step 1: You Will Need:

- A box with its lid [I use the "KASSETT"box from IKEA (13x15x11 3/4") (33x38x30cm)]
- A3 tracing paper
- Small lamp (I use the "LAGRA" lamp from IKEA)
- Paper Cutter
- Pencil
- Super Glue
- Ruler

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Firstly, trace on the lid of the box with a pencil a rectangle which hence you are going to cut with the paper cutter.

Step 3: Stick the Tracing Paper

When you create the "hole" you'll notice that there is a small border around it. Cut the A3 tracing paper accordingly so it can fit into the borders. After you cut the tracing paper put some super glue on the border and then stick the tracing paper.

Step 4: Lastly...

The last thing you need to do is cut a hole on the side of the box if needed. From there the lamp cable can pass so it can connect to the electricity. And finally place the lamp in the box and voila!

Step 5: The End

What I like about this creation is that it uses simple materials that you can find in your nearest store. Apart from that when you finish using it you can leave the lamp inside and place it in a bookshelf so it is neat and very easy to store. Thank you for reading! ;)

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