How to Create a Starry Night Sky Using Only MS Paint




this instructable is going to show you how to create a starry night sky using nothing more than ms paint, wich comes with your PC.

Step 1: Getting Started

first of all, you need to open up ms paint and make sure that your background is white. then selct the airbrush tool and make sure that the colour is set to black.

Step 2: Making Your Stars

next, select the smallest brush of the airbrush, and cover the page with it. the more stars you want, the more thick you should cover the page.

Step 3:

now select the bucket fill tool. also make sure that the colour is still set to black

Step 4:

now find a spot on your page that is still white and click to fill it with black. Ta Da! you just created a starry night sky with MS paint!

Step 5:

If you want to make it look like there is a constilation in the sky, simply use the airbrush to draw a picture of whatever you want your constilation to look like, then use the bucket to fill it like in the previous step.



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