How to Create a Sweater Vest From Plastic Bags

This easy and fun project allows you to use your spare plastic bags to make a stylish and functional piece of clothing. This sweater vest makes a statement about your commitment to recycling and sustainability . There is a  learning curve involved in this , but the results are well worth it.

Step 1: Step 1: Convert Your Plastic Bags Into Strips

In this step, the goal is to cut the plastic bags into strips . This can be accomplished by the following steps :

Step 1:  Flatten your bags
Step 2:  Roll the bags along the long edge
Step 3:  Cut off the ends of the bags (recycle please)
Step 4:  Cut 1”+ strips

Step 2: Step 2: Convert Strips to Yarn

The next step is converting the strips of plastic bags into a plastic yarn. This process can be accomplished by the following steps :

Step 1:  Lay strips out flat
Step 2:  Loop the strips together
Step 3:  Make a ball of yarn

Step 3: Knit Yarn Into Your Sweater

The resulting  plastic yarn can be knitted or crocheted into any piece of clothing you desire . This sweater vest was made by creating 3 panels and connecting them together . if you have experience in knitting and crocheting the possibilities are endless :)

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