How to Create a Variable Like %appdata% to Run in Run

Hey guys! My friend was helping me create a %var% variable to search up in start menu (like %appdata%) hit enter and open a folder/program.

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Step 1: Creating the Batch File

Create a new notepad document. name it

tmp.bat or whatever.bat (it dosent really matter) and it should probbaly look like the image i attached that had tmp.bat.

(very short step)

Step 2: Editing the Batch File

Now that you have the batch file, right click it and then click edit, Now you are in notepad, all you need to type now is

setx "variable name" "directory" And then your done.

Step 3: Outro

I hope you liked this, it may be a little rough since this is my first instructable, but i hope you liked it and, have fun!

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