How to Create a Wallpaper in Paint.NET

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Today we are Going to create a wallpaper For your desktop. using a program they Call Paint.NET
is simple to use and cast not a penny!! so lets get started.
Warning this tutorial is so easy a cave man/woman can do it if you are looking for A challenge please shy away from this ible here it provides graphic design resources, inspiration, tutorials, web design and design reviews.

Step 1: Finding a Base Layer & Tweaking It

The base layer is just the picture itself but foremost the base.

here are a lot of good base wallpapers . once you have your base take time to consider what you want to do with it.


i decided to do a little zoom blur on the base

Step 2: Adding a Logo or Insignia

To add My own personal touch I Added a logo the Apple, logo that you can find here

As you an see on the screen shot its right there. so we are going to copy it . when
you are done with that we need to paste it onto a new tab in paint.NET . Then select it with our magic wand then go back and paste it to your base picture as shown in the screen-shot make sure to paste the little leaf too. :P

Step 3: Now You Are Done

now you are finished pat yourself on the back .

Thanks for taking this tutorial with me and have fun

P.S. i wont plead for you to vote for me or bribe you with patches and promises of friendship and glory if you like it rate it.



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    Thanks Good Job. I just design my first wallpaper and share it here.