How to Create an Incentive-based Campaign to Save Energy at School




Introduction: How to Create an Incentive-based Campaign to Save Energy at School

Burning fossil fuels is one of the leading causes of the Climate Change.

Electricity is produced mainly by the burning fossil fuels, with this campaign you will easily save energy at your school. How? Just using it efficiently, this means mitigate the electricity waste.

The characteristics of the campaign are:

  • Language of communication positive and non intrusive
  • Incentive-based
  • Empathizes the user with the cause

Step 1: Speak to the powerful

Ask permission to the principal. Why? You need a lot of support so this can work .

Step 2: Be sharp-eyed

Discover which actions are generating the energy waste.


  • Lights on after class
  • Open doors when the AC is on
  • Use of artificial light instead of sun light
  • Computer labs on after classes

Step 3: Make a proposal

Explain to the school authorities what its happening. Tell them that a waste of electricity also means waste of money. Ask them if there's is an incentive you can use with your teachers so they can use energy efficiently. You can use incentives too with your classmates, make deals with the teachers , if the class don't waste energy , they will have a extra point on their grades. Also you can give stickers like the one that its attached (download and print ).

Step 4: Show the results

Show how work team can reach great results! How with little actions could have a great and positive impact.

Step 5: Continue

Make infographics about climate change, causes and impacts, ways to reduce energy consumption, etc. (like the one attached), share them with the community, find new ways for use electricity efficiently.In

Remember to always be positive and non intrusive :)

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