How to Create Fulldome Image?

Introduction: How to Create Fulldome Image?

Are you interesting in fulldome image or fulldome digital movie? Wanting to make a full 360 degree image/movie with high quality? Pony Fulldome is a professional tool for you.And here is a brief introduction for you.

Step 1:

Install Pony Fulldome and run it. Download and install it now!

Step 2:

Go to the Fulldome->Setting to set the attributes for the full dome image as below.

Step 3:

First , choose the faces number and the input picture format.
Second, input 5 pictures-the left,front,right,back,top views which the software could create a fulldome image automatically depend on your input pictures.
Third, fits the output settings.

Step 4:

After set all attributes, please ‘Accept’ to save the setting.

Step 5:

You could preview the fulldome image or slid the ‘Angle’ bar to adjust the image. When you slid the bar, the preview image will also adjust at the same time. So the output will be what you see as what you get.

Step 6:

Click the ‘Begin’ button to start the fulldome image synthesis. When the fulldome picture created, you will see the windows as below. Then Click ’OK’ and open the save directory you set before to see the picture.

Step 7:

Start your own fulldome studio now!

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