How to Create Ipod Touch/iphone Dock Easy




This is what we will be makin today an easy ipod touch dock
made out of household stuffs.

Step 1: First Steps

USB charger for iphone/ipod toch
Hotglue gun
nescafe bottle cap
tin shears/metal shears (don't really know what it's called)

take the tin shears and make big enough so the USB cable can fit through the hole
like shown on the 3rd pic. Make the hole on the front side of the cap.

now make a hole in the of the cap with your knife.
The hole had to be big enough for the part of the charger that
goes into the iPod itself. (don't know what that's called)

Step 2: Final Steps

Put the part of the charger that goes ito the iphone/ipod through the hole we
made on the top of cap. the glue it in place. Glue the side of the chager then
glue it from the bottom of the cap too.

Put the cable al the trough like showed on th second image.

Final step: 
Now find somethig big eough to fit on the of the nescafe cap
and glue it i place with the hot glue gun.

Step 3: Finished Dock



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