How to Create the Best Halloween Party

This is my First Instuctable so...

You can decide whether you want to spend a lot of money or make things (It’s always good to recycle!) on this party. But you need props, lots of props, there is no such thing as too many props!

Step 1: First

The entrance, First impressions are always the best, or last so make your front garden look amazing. I recommend draping cobwebs over any trees or bushes, hanging spiders or witch’s on broomsticks are always scary. Remember you can make these things or you can buy them, if you’re prepared to buy things, then I recommend buying a smoke machine. This will create a spooky atmosphere. Make gravestones and erect them in between flowerbeds. Mound up dirt around them, this gives it a realistic look. Remember to have lights, spooky colours of course, but the secret of the lighting is to either 1 – only turn them on when it becomes dark, or 2- when kids walk past have them sensory and programmed to light up. Also play some spooky music which is audible from in the garden.

Step 2: Second

Inside. You must decide where your party is gunna take place and where it’s not. I think using ‘do not enter, crime scene’ tape is good for covering doors which you don’t want entered.    In the room you have decided to use move all unnessacry furniture out, like ornaments and TV’s. Then cover the walls in drapings, place pumpkins, spiders, ghosts and other spooky things around. Before the party you should think of some games. Apple bobbing is good fun, as is how many smarties can you transport to another plate using a straw. Music in the background (spooky or your favourite band) helps the party be enjoyable. Have lots of food and drink present. Also invite as many people as possible. This makes for a better buzz. Allow trick or treaters to call and let groups of people go and answer giving the kids sweets.

Step 3: Third

For a grand finale I recommend you buy fireworks and getting everyone outside to watch. (Careful though, have lots of space and take precautions)

Overall have a good time yourself!!!

Step 4: .

I hope this Instructable helps :) !!!!

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Thankyou :)



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    umm when i typed in how to have the best halloween party i meant what snacks what decor etc...