How to Create Your Very Own DIY Instrument Plane! InstruPlane!! Create Your Own Music Tape to Play on DIY Instrument

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How to do it?

Foam Board, Bottle cap, clear film, electrical tape, cutting mat, Pencil, blade, ruler, something sharp to pierce holes, sticky pads, two nuts an bolts and some washers.

Step 1. Cut out your aeroplane shape from foamboard and use the sticky pads to stick it on to the back of your instrument.

Step 2. Poke a hole through the centre of your bottle cap and mark out where it should be placed on your foam board. (Make sure that the tape will be able to travel in front of the LDR)

Step 3. Widen the hole in your bottle cap so that the bolt can fit through it. Make another hole for the handle to help you spin it around and place your second bolt in here.

Step 4. So that the handle can spin freely you will need to place a few washers between the bolt and the nut. Then tighten it on to the foam board so that the bottle cap can still spin.

Step 5. Create your musical tape! We used acetate but anything clear will do, even folded over sellotape. Cut long, 1cm wide strips of your film and lay out some electrical tape on your cutting mat. Use your blade to cut the tape into strips or shapes.

Step 6. Stick the pieces of tape you've cut up on to your clear.

Step 7. Wrap your band around the bottle cap and the transducer and mark how long your band should be. Cut the band to size and use a bit more tape to stick it together. You will probably need to make a few adjustments to get the tension just right so that it will spin easily.

You now have your very own instruPlane!

You can add another bottle cap to the opposite side of the instrument as well and control the frequency and the volume.

Have fun and enjoy!

:) TWSU Team!

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