How to Crochet a Yarn Lock and Chain

How to crochet a yarn lock and chain good for keeping wayward teddies in line.

this is my first instructable so bear with me :) if you have questions email me i will be happy to help! - emmarocket

To start, make 10 single chains (sc) then join them together so you have a circle.  Then add 1 sc to each one and go around.  (This will give you the start of a tube) repeat about 30 times. (I crochet really loose, so you may need to do more, you will have to judge.)  Once it is long enough fill the tube with a little bit of fiber fill and fasten the ends together.  Repeat for as many loops as you like, just make sure that you link the chains into one another before fastening them shut,  Otherwise you will end up with a lot of useless donuts :)!

For the body of the lock, make a long rectangle by chaining about 15 sc then adding 1 sc to each and repeating until you have about 40 rows of 15 sc.  Fold in half and sew the bottom and top toghether, then sew one side thogether.  Fill with some fiber fill until you get a nice shape :) Then, sew the last side together.

For the latch on the lock, make a tube like you would for the chain, just don't seal the two ends together.  Sew one end to the body of the lock, then sew the other end shut with a piece of velcro on the end and voila you are done!

I added a heart made of felt to mine, but that is optional :) 

Hope you enjoy and if you make one please post pictures, i would love to see!



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    3 years ago

    i did it it was really cool


    8 years ago on Introduction

    can i use this lock and chain to lock my motorcycle?LOL I think its great!! great job. how about kniting a key : )