How to Crown a Queen With a LED

Introduction: How to Crown a Queen With a LED

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Let's make queens and crowns!

You will need:

a lot of fantasy

for the queen:

coloured paper, firm paper

scissors, a ruler, a pin, pencils

a glues stick, scotch tape

for the crown

40 cm of uninsulated fine copper wires - 0,3 mm . Mine was silver coated.

a LED and a 3V battery

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Step 1: Preparation

Cut out a long strip of firm paper. It should be 4 cm wide and 28 cm long. Leave 1 cm on top for manipulation and mark the boundary with a dotted line.

Draw and decorate the face of the future queen. Draw the neck and the shoulders. Cut out the silhouette as shown on the photo.

Measure 14 cm down from the neck. Make a dotted line. Draw 2 sets of six dots between the dotted line and the neck. The two sets should be about 1 cm apart. The distance between two dots in a line should be about 2 cm.

Use the pin two make holes in the dots. Make two additional holes for the crown slightly beneath the top dotted line.

Step 2: The Crown

Cut out two 20 cm long strings of uninsulated copper wire. Pull the wires through the holes to make stitches. Start from the back side. Bend the legs of the LED to become a crown. Now it's time to crown the queen :) Put the legs of the LED through the holes above the face.

Turn the paper strip over and wrap the copper wires around the legs of the LED.

Step 3: The Dress

Design the dress for the queen. Have fun decorating. I have started with a blue semicircle (14,5 cm radius). Glue the end product to the firm paper strip. Bend the 1 cm piece on top of the face to the back. Cut out the hair, I have used almost an entire A4. Glue the hair to the firm paper strip.

Step 4: Completing the Electrical Circuit

After this step, the LED crown will glow. Bend the firm paper strip two times, to make a stand. Place the battery inside. Attach the copper wires to the battery. I have used a scotch tape to fix them in place. If the LED is not shining, turn the battery around and connect the wires one more time. The beautiful hair should cover up the circuit.

The queen is now crowned with a glowing crown.

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