How to Customize MSN With Cool Gadgets.

Intro: How to Customize MSN With Cool Gadgets.

Let's get to the point. This instructable will tell you about an upgrade for MSN. It can let you use really cool gadgets on MSN to boost your chatting experience. Best of all, it's not illegal. It's completely certified by Microsoft®. To get this upgrade you will need to be able to download 7.32MB of data and Windows Live Messenger.
Check out my screen-shots if you have trouble following my instructions. I made screen-shots for every step.
All Pictures, Names, Logo's and everything to do with MSN is copyright of Microsoft®.
All Personal Pictures are copyright of myself.

Step 1: Download the Upgrade

The upgrade for MSN is called MSN Plus!. As I mentioned before, it contains 7.32MB of data that you'll need to download. Here is the link to the completely Microsoft® certified program:
Just one click of the fancy download button and it's all done.
Please to read the page to find out if you meet the system requirements.

Step 2: Install

Now find the upgrade. It should be somewhere on your computer depending where you saved it. If you chose open when the download box appeared, then you should already have the upgrade opened. If your not sure how the upgrade icon looks, check out the screen-shot below. Then just follow the prompts and Voila! Your upgrade is installed! This is where you can chose to wander off on your own and explore the different features of Messenger Plus! by yourself, which is what I did. I do recommend that you read the rest of this Instructable so I can give you some hints and tips, and some gadgets I recommend you Install.

Step 3: The Cool Stuff

As the title suggests, this step is about the cool stuff. The cool gadgets that I told you about are called scripts. You can download scripts from the website below: (again, this website is certified by Microsoft).
There are all different types of scripts. What you choose is completely up to yourself, but here are some scripts I would recommend:
1. NudgesToolsScript 1.38
This script lets you send nudges without the "you can't send nudges that often" message.

2. Plus! Mail 1.9!Mail/
This script lets you send emails using messenger.

3. StealDP 1.1
This script let's you steal your contacts' Display Pictures.

4. Someone Said 3.1
This lets you copy someone Else's name and talk as someone else. It's a great joke.

5. Slang Replacer 1.0
This script replaces abbreviations with full words, for example: BRB changes to Be Right Back.

Step 4: Get a New Look

Time to get a new look for MSN. Here's link to get new themes (skins):
I don't really like skins, so naturally, I don't know many, but here is one skin that I liked best (be careful though, I had some trouble using it, so just try it, and switch back to your normal MSN look!):

Snow Leopard 1.0.3 (WaveBETA)
This customizes your MSN to make it look like Apple Mac.

Step 5: Conclusion

Well I hope you have fun with MSN Plus! and that you enjoyed this Instructable. Please leave a comment.



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    7 years ago on Step 3

    never mind, i worked it out...but how do you unlock msn once youve locked it without changeing any options?

    Hello. I'm Little Einstein. The maker of this Instructable. Feel free to leave comments. I won't be able to answer all questions asked, but if you email me your question on:
    I will always answer. Thank you for your co-operation.

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