How to Customize Your Desktop to Iron Man Jarvis Interface


Introduction: How to Customize Your Desktop to Iron Man Jarvis Interface

This tutorial is on customizing your desktop to iron man jarvis interface is very easy!!!

Step 1: Downloading Rainmeter

Download Rainmeter app for windows from its official site-

After downloading the Rainmeter app....install it.

Step 2: Downloading Background Image and Theme

Now download the desktop background image and iron man theme from here-



After the download is complete set the image as desktop background and double click on S.H.I.E.L.D file to install it on rainmeter.....

Step 3: Customizing

You can now set the layouts according to the background image.....
You can change the shortcuts, paths and icons from OPTIONS layout/skin....
For better effects.....hide your desktop icons.....right click on desktop screen, select view, and uncheck-Show desktop icon...
Similarly, right click on taskbar and click properties and check- Auto hide taskbar..

You are done!!!!



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12 Discussions

I really like it bro tnx for sharing :)

once you have done all the steps,how you get rid of the options screen?

1 reply

finding this type of custom dextop, and my search is over. thank you very very much.

1 reply

love this but I can't seem to access the link on my laptop. any idea why?

1 reply