How to Cut a MOHAWK Hairdoo... and How to Dye That Bad Boy!




This Instructable will give the tips and tricks to cutting a real Mohawk. This is guaranteed to produce the meanest looking mohawk on the block. We even show you how to apply hair dye to the finished product. This isn't your salon type of haircut... this is a no frills get it done and the girls stay inside version. Lets get going!

Step 1: Your Tools

grab your swivel chair from your hot rod shop and plug in your cheap walmart razor. Do this out side as hair will be flying everywhere...

Step 2: Wet Em Down

sit your subject down on the swivel chair grab your garden hose. proceed to wet the mop down with a misting motion. Glasses are required to look cool and keep water from blinding the hippy

Step 3: Wet and Wild

now is a good time to take a picture of your subject. He is never going to look the same again...

Step 4: The Cape

put the cape on your subject and then immediately rip it off and throw it aside. that stuff is for girls.

Step 5: Thrown to the Side

the cape thrown aside. We will save it just in case we have to cut a girl scouts hair one day.

Step 6: Use the Girl Clips

use the hair clips to hold the center hair in place. The idea here is to comb all the hair over the top that wont be cut from the first side. Create a part and move the top hair out of the way.

Step 7: Lets Get This Started

take your razor and take off all the guards. You want to cut as close to the skin as possible here. Don't let the hair be too wet or it will 'gum' up in the shears and 'bite ' your subject. If this happens, clean the razor off, dry the subjects hair a bit and smack him on 5the back of the head and scream 'take it like a man'

Step 8: The First Side Is Almost Done!

at this point, you hope your barber doesn't die and you have to wear your hair like this forever... luckily we made it through this step safely. Note the nice line of hair cut from top.

Step 9: Half Way Done

we are half way there. Now is a good time to take a cutting break and have your subject get up and get all that hair off his face and neck.

Step 10:

always have a powerful fan close by to keep the hair debris field to a minimum.

Step 11: Clean Off

have your subject jump into the pool or under the garden hose and start part two.

Step 12: Very Important Step

Ok lets get serious here. you now have to part the other side of the head and clip the hair that will remain up and out of the way. You only have one shot at this to get it right. Cut the mohawk wider than needed and then re-part the hair on both sides to make it narrower until you are satisfied.

Step 13: Let Him Check Your Work

He has to wear this bad boy... so let him check it out before you finish up...

Step 14: Get Out the Good Stuff...

find the die of your choice. we chose this brand for its potential coolness. about $8 bucks at walmart

Step 15: Ransom Pic

keep this photo hidden until you meet your subjects girlfriend. Whip it out and bask in the glory of shame... seriously... this is the cap you must wear in order to pull the proper hairs out that will be deyed.

Step 16: Pull the Hair

use the small plastic tool to pull the hairs through the cap that you want to dye. Tell your subject to 'suck it up' cause its kinda painful at times. No pain No Gain.

Step 17: Stop ... Laugh... Dry Eyes and Get to Waiting

after applying the coloring to the haie exposed out side the cap. you wrap the head in plastic and wait 10 minutes.

Step 18: Dont Look Away

keep your timer in front of you. the hair turns colors fast!

Step 19: Rinse and Behold the Hawk

after about ten minutes... rip off that girly wrap and rinse the hair down good with the hose. Stand back and inspect your masterpiece!

Step 20: Let the Coolness Set In...

get you some hair glue and get that bad boy up and running. This is how we roll in 104 degree weather.

don't forget sunscrean you could get a really bad mohawk sunburn



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    48 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 20

    i laughed so hard at some of the comments you made.
    "put a cape on the subject, then immediately rip it off and throw it aside. that stuff is for girls."


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great stuff, gonna have to let my hair grow so I can do this, I'll be going for a bolder colour tho! T1zzl3 flaged too.

    2 replies

    9 years ago on Step 15

    um.... congrats on keeping the photo hidden. the internet is a great hiding spot.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this can't be a mohawk can it? mohawks are at least 1inch thick and don't taper to a point (that is if im right) and mohekans ar thinner and taper to a point