How to Cut a Sponge to Cover Filter Intake




Hi, this is a instructable on "how to cut a sponge to cover filter intake", this is for aquariums.

this is the sponge I'm using

supplies: a bucket or a large bowl, a couple paper towels or a small towel, a filter sponge.

tools: a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 1: Measuring,preping, and Cutting

so you should measure your intake tube for your HangOnBack filter, and you should measure how far high you want your sponge to go up the tube. after you complete above step, find out how many inches/centimeters it is cut a small slit that far up from the bottom of your sponge.

and then when you made a slit to mark the thing, cut it all the way around. then once you make sure it is kinda evenly cut around, you can cut all the way thru. when that's done you should trim the top of the measured part to be even.

Step 2: Step 2: Cutin and Slimin, the Sides.

so after you've done the first step and cut it to the height you want, you can see how wide you want it and you can do the slit thing again to see how wide it will be, and then start to cut all the way down. and REMEMBER CHECK to see if its EVEN because I messed up on one part and almost cut into the hole for the intake tube. when you see that your cutting even go ahead and cut all the way thru.

Step 3: Step 3: Final Trimmings

ok so almost done just need to do final trimmings and stuff, I trimmed the sides that will be facing front, so there kinda rounded. i know that this is probably unorganized and done wrong but this is my first instructable so im still learning.

well that's all folks.



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