How to Cut Your Hair in 20 Seconds or Less and Get the Most Perfect Layers!





Introduction: How to Cut Your Hair in 20 Seconds or Less and Get the Most Perfect Layers!

After two $65.00+tip haircuts in the last 10 months, both of which were awful experiences, I had had enough of wasting my money on something I was sure I could do better certainly couldn't have been any worse than the last two. I had heard about a self hair cutting trick and figured I had nothing (but a little hair) to lose. Since I cut Robs hair about once a month, I figured it were time he return the favour. This was how simple it was:

Step 1:  Tie your hair as far forward as possible (see video). 

Step 2:  Grab a pair of scissors (or a trimmer like we used in the video) and cut!

Step 3:  Show off your amazing hair to your friends and take the $65 you saved and spend it on some great hair products - or whatever else you want!


- this works best with medium - long hair
- If you have bangs, its best to separate them first and pin them off so you don't cut them too short
- we didn't do it in this video but if you hold a bag under your hair there is no clean-up!



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    Just for everyone asking about the back layers, if you put a pony tail on top of your head and cut straight across you will get long and even layers throughout the hair. Just start by cutting off small amounts, a little bit goes a long way!

    Just so ya know.....

    Just so ya know.....

    I haven't cut my hair in about 5 years, but I have seen my brothers and sister get haircuts, and the results never pleased them or my mom. So we're with you in the salon thing.

    Interesting. Might try it, if my mom lets me ;)

    Hello i am really intereste in seeing a bit more of the back f head view. I am not afraid to try this. My husband will help me. The bangs you have did you seperate it?


    2 years ago

    What about all of the layers in the BACK? This just trims the face frame and the back bottom length.

    I just see a blank space!