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Have you ever wanted to decorate your own cake instead of buying it? Or maybe you had a bet with someone that you can decorate a cake better than them? Well you have friends on Instructables that can help you. Here I will show you how to decorate a cake with a Superman sign.


Step 1: Things You Will Need

The things you will need are:

  • A Superman logo
  • Fondant cutting utensil
  • Cake spatula
  • Red fondant
  • Yellow fondant
  • Cake tool kit
  • A number 14 tip and attachment to bag
  • Cream
  • A Great Mom that can make awesome cakes

Step 2: Cut Out the Superman Logo on Red Fondant

Take a piece of red fondant and roll it out. Put the Superman logo on the rolled out fondant and cut out the logo.

Step 3: Cut the Logo on Yellow Fondant

Now just place the red cut out logo on the yellow fondant. Cut the logo on the yellow fondant.

Step 4: Place the Cut Out Logo on the Cake

Gently pick up the logo and place it on the cake

Step 5: Cut Out Side Border

Use a ruler or a straight object to cut a 1 1/2 inch piece of red fondant. Lay the fondant on the bottom of the cake.

Step 6: Add a Cream Border

Use a number 14 tip to make a border at the base of the cake. Now your done. ENJOY

Step 7: Go Further

Now that you know how to make a Superman logo ,GO Further and post images of what you made. Special thank to my Mom who make this awesome cake.



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